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AdventurAfrica’s August 2012 Tour

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AdventurAfrica's tour - August 2012
This trip is our most popular and we are proud to offer it once again, as it represents an alternative to the overcrowded tracks of the notoriurs northern circuit (composed of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks). Our choice to travel to Tanzania' southern circuit is also in line with the recent directives of Tanzania Tourist Board, whose efforts have recently focused on promoting the southern regions and attracting more visitors to its wonderful and still seldom-visited parks (Mikumi, Udzungwa Mountains, Ruaha and Katavi National Parks and Selous Game Reserve). The rationale behind this move is both simple and logic: it appears that the northern circuit has long reached its peak in terms of numbers of yearly visitors and little can be done to increase this number. The cash-cow is simply running already at full speed and there has been a growing concern about the impact induced on the parks' ecosystem by the large number of visitors. You also have to consider the kind of safari experience you are prepared to endure, or willing to experience...
If waiting for 10 cars ahead of you to clear a group of lions and having about 5 minutes to take your pictures before the other 10 cars behind start putting pressure on you to move on -IS NOT- exactly your ideal safari experience, then we are on the same page!

No kidding, this is what we are talking about...

These images were taken in July 2011 inside Serengeti National Park, Seronera area, and they are proof of the conditions likely to be experienced in all northern circuit parks and conservation areas.

Our journey starts in Dar es Salaam and after a day or two of relaxation on the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean we are on our way to the wonders of Ruaha National Park, the true highlight of our itinerary. This park is regarded by many (including, of course, ourselves!) as one of the finest parks in Eastern Africa. The park feels endless and boasts amazing and undisturbed wildlife, matched by awe-inspiring scenery and peaceful solitude. The Ruaha and Mwagusi Rivers offer great and ever changing opportunities for unspoiled safaris and wildlife viewing. The entire region is prime lion country and large prides can be seen here with relative ease. Below is a YouTube video, produced by the Tanzania Tourist Board, highlighting Ruaha National Park.
Join us, our tour starting August 3rd through August 19, 2012. We'll take you to the heart of African nature on board our safari truck, and together we will enjoy a timeless Africa in this part of Tanzania.
Please visit our safari page for all details regarding this trip.

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