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Giorgio Trucco

For as long as I can remember, Africa has beckoned me at the deepest level. I was born with the -Longing of Africa-, a sickness of the heart that produces a deep sense of nostalgia for this continent, once you have visited it. But in my case, I've been longing for Africa since I was a child, and long before ever setting foot on it.
A traveler at heart, I reached for Africa as soon as I could, exposing myself to a life-changing experience, as I realized it was time to own my vision and to find the courage to pursue my lifelong dreams. It didn't take long to realize that Africa was no longer a place I wanted to visit, but rather a place I wanted to call home.
AdventurAfrica is the product of my passion for travels, adventure, wildlife and photography. It is the result of my quest for a higher self and a purer lifestyle, developed in my childhood and enlightening my path for the future to come. It is a testament to the belief that happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment can be achieved when you choose love over fear, and never look back.
Koko Kosila

...playful, inquisitive, nurturing, adventurous!

In every moment we are both student and teacher. This is an  important concept for me, and one that I have always tried to be mindful of, throughout my life. It is also one with which I approach AdventurAfrica, my finest challenge to date. What this means for you, our guest and fellow traveler, is that my presence will be open to yours – always and all ways. Feel free to ask questions, make comments or simply observe. Words are not always needed in the process of evolution.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.
Denovan Chikona

I was born in Zimbabwe and have lived in South Africa for nearly 28 years. I studied Travel and Tourism Business Management at the University, in England, later finding employment in the mining industry as an accountant. Obviously it was not what I wanted for my life and the call of nature was simply too strong...
After a sabbatical year spent working for Nomad Adventure and traveling between Namibia and Zimbabwe, I knew I had to keep my bearing towards the savannah and not an office.
Meeting AdventurAfrica marked a turning point in my search for a job that would allow me to remain in contact with nature. I reside permanently in Dar es Salaam where I'm responsible for a small tour operator specializing in trips to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro ascents.

Let us add ... that the boundless love for Africa, the deep knowledge of its uses and customs, in addition to an innate sympathy and enviable eloquence, Denovan makes a great guide and traveling companion, who will welcome you with warmth and enthusiasm that will make you feel at home. Denovan speaks Swahili, a perfect English and ... with your help, soon a bit of Italian!