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AdventurAfrica is an independent guiding service and safari company, specializing in adventure trips and photo safaris. We strive for innovation and creativity which are the core values graciously offered to those traveling with us. We see ourselves as custodians and facilitators of everybody's opportunity to experience Africa from the inside out.
What makes us stand out is our ability to offer independent transportation, logistic support and safari guiding.
WE are your guides,
WE are your trackers and spotters,
WE are your drivers,
WE are your cooks and camp hosts.
We believe in the value of learning and growing, and in the excitement of firsthand experience. That is why, when traveling with us, we invite you to leave behind all your fears, prejudices and expectations. Let go everything and immerse yourself in the purest experience of Africa!

Wildlife photography with AdventurAfrica
It's impossible to travel to Africa without feeling urged to bring home memorable photos of the African wildlife and of the most exciting moments. This is why AdventurAfrica offers nature and reportage photography tuition and workshops to photographers of all levels.
All our workshops are organized and led by Giorgio Trucco, AdventurAfrica's co-founder, sometimes in partnership with other well known wildlife and reportage photographers. Giorgio is an accomplished photographer specializing in wildlife and landscape photography, as well as a renowned color management expert and trainer.
During our safaris, Giorgio will be on hand to share the tools of the trade in an environment that offers unique opportunities and technical challenges.
We will discuss technique extensively, but we will also focus on the artistic aspects of photography, like how to develop a personal style and a creative approach to photography.


Our trips are awe-inspiring adventures into a land that discloses its secrets to those who look beyond the ordinary and keep an open mind. As well as those willing to share with others the joy of discovery and adventure.
Through the model of experiential education, we wish to share with you an approach to the concept of learning and growing that is based not on direct teaching but, rather, on direct experience and focused reflection, as we aim to increase knowledge, hone skills and clarify values.
Our trips are journeys open to everyone, from inexperienced to seasoned travelers, from individuals to couples and families with kids. Traveling in a small group favors cultural exchanges and allows everybody to relate with others with fun and collaboration.
During the trip we emphasize interaction with the local population and regional culture, according to the principles that guide our practice of responsible tourism.

Safety, comfort and enjoyment are our ultimate goals
We will pick you up at the airport and be with you at all times during the trip, putting our knowledge and experience to work for your safety, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Small, Flexible Groups
We have a maximum group size of 10-12 participants. This limit allows us to travel with great flexibility. When traveling with AdventurAfrica we, as a group, have the freedom to choose our own pace and range of activities.

Wildlife Viewing
Our itineraries are designed to take advantage of the best wildlife viewing opportunities inside the parks. Sunrise and sunset game drives will be offered every day, with no limit to the mileage or time we spend enjoying the park wildlife.

Safaris and Beyond
Along our itineraries, we have the opportunity to devote part of our time to the discovery of local culture. We walk around the local markets where life boasts a myriad of colors, sounds and aromas. We meet and talk with local people, and engage in social activities. We shop locally for our food, and prepare it at night while camping under the stars with wildlife calls all around. The quintessential African experience!

Our passion, expertise and knowledge are yours to enjoy and to help you make the best out of your time in Africa.